At the event, Dr. Khamla Keoounkham, vice director of the academy, said that the teaching and studying of the works has a practical meaning, creating favorable conditions for researchers, scholars and teachers as well as other people interested in President Ho Chi Minh's ideology to access the late Vietnamese leader’s works.

The Lao version of the Ho Chi Minh's complete works.

He highlighted the viewpoints in the Ho Chi Minh ideology, underlining they have guided Vietnam’s development towards socialism with Marxism-Leninism playing the role as revolutionary theory.

In his works, President Ho Chi Minh showed a pure diplomacy spirit with the famous words of “helping our friends is helping ourselves,” said  Khamla.

He underscored that each work of President Ho Chi Minh carries a profound theoretical and practical value, providing valuable lessons not only for the Vietnamese people but also for all mankind, peace-loving people to study.

President Ho Chi Minh is a shining example of sacrifice for the people, for the common interests, for the country and the humanity, the official stated, emphasizing that President Ho Chi Minh always paid great attention to the people's lives, that the leader considered as a decisive factor of the success of the revolutionary cause.

Source: VNA