It was also a shining milestone in the common revolutionary cause of the two neighboring countries of Vietnam and Laos.

Over the past 46 years, under the sound leadership of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, the Lao people have brought into play their glorious tradition, solidarity, overcome every difficulty and challenge, and gained great, comprehensive, and historically-significant achievements, creating a new face for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. As a result, the national sovereignty and territorial integrity have been maintained; the national defense and security have been guaranteed; the great national unity bloc have been strengthened; the national socio-economic development have seen positive changes; the people’s material and spiritual life have been improved; and the national prestige and status has been raised in the international arena. These achievements are vivid testament to the right path of developing a socialist country, which has been chosen by the Party, State, and people of Laos.

The then Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (right) and his Lao counterpart Thongloun Sisoulith at an event in 2019 (Photo:

The Party, State, and people of Vietnam are always proud of their faithful Lao friends who have shared the same ideal, stood side by side with the country during the national salvation and reunification cause in the past and in the current Fatherland building, development, and protection cause. This close-knit bond has been built with blood and flesh of generations of Vietnamese and Lao people, sailing through hardships and challenges, and becoming a great, inseparable friendship that is “deeper than the Red and Mekong rivers,” “more stable than mountains and rivers,” “brighter than the full moon, more fragrant than the most fragrant flower.” The relationship between Vietnam and Laos has become the law of development, an important factor ensuring the existence and development of the two nations, and an invaluable property of the two nations.

The Vietnamese people are always deeply aware of the fact that each victory of Vietnam’s revolution in the national salvation and reunification cause in the past and present national building, development, and protection is associated with the unity and wholehearted support of the Lao brothers. In any circumstances, the Party, State, and people of Vietnam are willing to do their best to preserve and fruitfully develop the great friendship, special solidarity, and comprehensive partnership with the Lao counterparts on the basis of promoting independence, self-reliance, equal and win-win cooperation for the sake of each country’s prosperity, and for regional and international peace, stability, cooperation, and development.

As close friends, comrades, and brothers sharing the same ideal, the Party, State, and people of Vietnam join in the joy with the Party, State, and people of Laos in the celebration of the 46th anniversary of the Lao National Day and congratulate the Lao counterparts on their great, comprehensive, historically-significant achievements gained over the past 46 years.

We do believe that with the comprehensive renovation policy and under the leadership of the experienced Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, the Lao people will surmount all difficulties and challenges, continue to obtain new and greater achievements in national building, defense and renewal process, successfully implementing the resolution adopted by the 11th National Congress of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, successfully building the Lao country of peace, independence, democracy, unity, and prosperity to achieve the country’s socialist goal.

Translated by Mai Huong