Themed “A journey to culture and architecture” the five-minute videos shed light on two cities in each nation. The respective countries' national tourism organizations recommended the architecture to be featured in the videos and architect-writer Oh Young-wook provided the commentary.

Hanoi Opera House is given a highlight in the Vietnam video. 

The Vietnam video takes viewers to Hanoi, a city with 1,000 years of history, and Ninh Binh – dubbed as the “Ha Long Bay on land.” It spotlights a blend of European flair and traditional elements in such iconic structures as the Opera House, St.Joseph’s Cathedral, Phat Diem Cathedral and Bai Dinh Pagoda.

For Cambodia, the focus is on its capital Phnom Penh, and the coastal town of Kampot. The video highlights the New Khmer architecture that characterizes modern Phnom Penh, featuring buildings that are grand in scale and bold in aesthetics. Landmarks like the National Sports Complex and Phsar Thmey (Central Market) exemplify this. Also showcased is the regenerated Le Bokor Palace in Kampot, demonstrating the country's innovative spirit.

Meanwhile, Jakarta and the cradle of Javanese civilization, Yogyakarta, are the key features of the Indonesia video. From the ancient Javanese architecture at Fatahillah Square to symbols of Indonesia’s national identity like Monas and Istiqlal Mosque, the video explores Indonesia's pluralistic society. It also includes a glimpse into modern cultural arts spaces and sustainable architecture, underlining the nation's progressive approach to inclusive urban development.

The videos are developed under the “ASEAN Familiarization Tour” program initiated in 2019. The program has been held in the virtual format since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. It has introduced an array of different ASEAN architectures and cultures through the AKC’s Youtube channel.

Source: VNA