The contest aims to popularize the position, role, potentials and beauty of Vietnam’s seas and islands among domestic and international art-lovers, further educate the revolutionary tradition to promote patriotism, national pride, high sense of responsibility for national seas and islands of every Vietnamese citizen, and to confirm Vietnam’s legitimate rights and interests at sea.

Students at a contest on the national seas and islands. Photo:

All Vietnamese citizens living in Vietnam and overseas and foreigners living and working in Vietnam are eligible to participate in the contest.

Each entry should capture the beauty of the nature and people in coastal areas and on islands of Vietnam, moments featuring daily life, customs, culture of coastal people, images of tourists who are exploring and experiencing the life of coastal people and islanders as well as the armed forces’ training, study and combat readiness posture while ensuring order, security, safety and national sovereignty over the seas and islands.

Entries can be about role models, economic activities, diplomatic ties and cooperation between Vietnam and countries sharing border in the East Sea (South China Sea), cultural facilities, art genres, festivals, folk cultures at sea and on islands.

Each contestant can send 10 works.

The organizing panel plans to award two first, three second, five third and ten consolation prizes for the best achievement.

Translated by Mai Huong