Hanoi ranks 13th among 25 most popular destinations in Asia in 2022.

The information has been announced by a world-famous U.S. travel website – Trip Advisor.

In detail, Hanoi ranked 13th and Da Nang claimed the 21st place.

Hanoi is described as a charming capital, preserving its famous Old Quarter and ancient monuments while providing space for modern developments. Lakes, parks, shady boulevards, along with hundreds of temples and pagodas add to the appeal of the capital.

Regarding Da Nang, the city is presented as a hospitable and friendly place with amazing dishes.

The first place in the “Top 25 most popular destinations in Asia in 2022” belongs to Bali in Indonesia, followed by New Delhi in India and Singapore.

In addition, the list introduces familiar destinations including Phuket (Thailand), Hong Kong (China), Mumbai (India), Seoul (Korea), and others.

Translated by Chung Anh