Xoan singing performance in Hung Lo ancient communal house

The Northern midland province of Phu Tho is among the localities well exploiting community-based tourism.

Performances of Xoan singing – UNESCO-recognized Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding, in Hung Lo ancient communal house have become a unique cultural tourism product.

Le Thi Xuan Huong, Deputy Director of the Phu Tho Tourism Promotion Information Center, said that since Hung Lo ancient village was recognized as one out of Phu Tho’s two community-based tourist sites, it has seen surges in the number of domestic and foreign visitors. On average, each month, the village welcomes three delegations of European visitors.

Home to 54 ethnic groups, Vietnam holds huge potential in developing this type of tourism, associated with preserving and promoting the value of native culture.

This type of tourism has contributed to improving the life of local people. To achieve sustainable livelihoods, Pham Hai Quynh, Director of the Asian Tourism Development Institute and Chairman of the Vietnam Community-based Tourism Chapter (VCTC), stressed the need for locals to get ready to develop tourism, and for authorities to support them in this work.

Each locality needs to select products as orientations to develop community-based tourism, step up promotion activities, and intensify international cooperation to attract investment in this field, he added.

Source: VNA