At the workshop

The workshop drew the participation of more than 300 delegates, including representatives of departments, sectors, tourism cooperatives, trade villages, and local experts and artisans in trade village tourism.

At the event, trade village tourism experts talked about models in green tourism and trade village tourism development. They emphasized that this is a core trend to both develop tourism and preserve, introduce, and honor typical traditional cultural values of a locality.

Most of the delegates confirmed developing tourism according to green tourism criteria is not only an urgent requirement but also an important strategic orientation that is in line with the current climate change situation.

According to Pham Ngoc Sinh, Deputy Director of the provincial Department of Science and Technology, Head of the executive board on supporting creative startups in Quang Nam province, by the end of last year, Quang Nam has had a total of 34 trades, trade and traditional trade villages, 493 cooperatives and one union of cooperatives.

Tourists at a pavilion introducing products of trade villages

Currently, many cooperative teams and cooperatives have been established in traditional trade villages with the aim of boosting connection between household-scale production facilities, contributing to promoting efficiency of collective economy, creating jobs, increasing people's income, preserving and developing the values of typical local products.

In order to develop the trade village in a sustainable and effective manner, the development of the cooperative model in trade villages is an inevitable trend to create linkages and increase competitiveness in the market mechanism.

In the coming time, the provincial Department of Science and Technology will create all conditions for local trade villages and cooperatives to bring into full play their role.

On this occasion, a ceremony to worship the ancestors of the fish sauce industry and many folk games and a food festival were held to promote the image of the traditional trade villages to delegates, residents and tourists.

Translated by Chung Anh