The gust of cool wind that whispers softly through the pines greet people who come to the remote Mang Den in Kon Tum Province, making them feel they are in the renowned resort city of Dalat to the south in Lam Dong Province.

Many people call Mang Den the second Dalat in the Central Highlands region because this little-known area also has pine-covered hills and mountains, a cool climate, lakes, rivers and waterfalls.

They have a sound reason to make such a comparison when talking about Mang Den, which is more than 50 kilometers northeast of Kon Tum City. However, Mang Den and Dalat also have many differences.

It is no doubt that Dalat has been famous for decades and has earned much reputation from its attractions and the major annual tourist events, including the Festival of Flowers which happens early next year and expects a large number of visitors, including international visitors.

Dalat is not as quiet as it used to be in the good old days because many new villas and hotels have been up and running in recent years to cater to the demand of many tourists who are coming from near and far for relaxation, golf, mountain climbing and business. Certainly, Dalat is now a thriving city.

On the contrary, Mang Den has just been known to tourists for very few years. Central tourism authorities have revealed its charms and announced Mang Den as a new destination for travelers. Travel companies and individuals have come in to build villas in anticipation of a tourism boom in the area.

Here and there in the area of Kon Plong District, several villas have been put into service and tens of new villas are being constructed by the sides of hills, under the shade of pine trees and along the main road, which lies between Mang Den Pass in the south and Biolac Pass in the north.

Situated between the passes, Mang Den is not easy to reach as approach roads are not as good as those leading to Dalat, but this is a safe place to live and holiday. It goes without saying that Mang Den offers a haven of peace and serenity away from the bustle of the city.

There’s more for visitors to explore in the virgin charms of the area.

Mang Den is still a remote area but worth visiting for a weekend vacation. Here, visitors can open their eyes wide to view and feel the beauty of nature, inhale fresh air, trek in the forest and up the hills and mountains, and chat with the hospitable locals.

Mang Den can be reached by motorcycle and car. If you are not sure how to drive a car or ride a motorcycle there, do not hesitate to ask a taxi motorcycle driver or the people you happen to meet in Kon Tum City for the way to the haven of peace and serenity.

Source: VNN