Between July 19 and August 18, Bamboo Airways operates 2,040 flights

The CAAV reported that between July 19 and August 18, Bamboo Airways operated 2,040 flights, of which 1,950 took off and landed in on time. The airlines’ OTP was higher than the sector’s average rate in the month at 89.6 percent.

Bamboo Airways has taken the leading position in the field consecutively since May. In July, it recorded an OTP rate of 95.4 percent.

Vietnam Airlines came second with an average OTP rate of 90.5 percent, followed by Pacific Airlines (formerly Jetstar Pacific) and Vietjet Air at 88.8 percent and 86.3 percent, respectively.

The agency pointed to six major reasons behind the delay and cancellation of flights, including equipment and services at the ports, aviation management, weather conditions, airlines’ operations, and late return of aircraft.

Experts held that in the context of complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and the repairing of Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat International Airports, the high OTP of airlines showed their considerable efforts.

A representative from Bamboo Airways said that the carrier has strictly followed epidemic preventive measures in accordance with standards of the Health Ministry and the CAAV.

Passengers have been advised to abide by regulations in pandemic prevention and control, including wearing face masks throughout the flights and conduct health declarations, said the representative.

Source: VNA