Anthony is especially passionate about promoting education and fostering talents as well as building a learning culture in the locality.

Priest Anthony Nguyen Van Tieng

An Long commune has more than 5,000 Catholic followers, accounting for one-third of the population. Apart from participating in humanitarian work, Anthony Nguyen Van Tieng routinely helps families acknowledge the spirit of studiousness and education promotion as one of the best traditional practices in Vietnam.

Moreover, he has taken part in many practical charity movements including calling for donation to provide necessities and build houses for the poor and homeless people, build bridges and rural roads, offer scholarships, present bicycles to underprivileged student, contributing more than VND 1 billion to the local education promotion fund, to name a few.

“Before each exam period, I arrange appropriate ceremony schedules for the children of Catholic families and encourage them to study harder. An Long parish has about five students winning awards at district-level contests, three students winning prizes in provincial competitions, dozens of students passing university entrance exams and many graduates earning stable jobs each year.” Anthony shared.

“As a role model in promoting education and fostering talents, Antony Nguyen Van Tieng has contributed greatly to the locality’s achievements. Nearly 100% of the Catholic children in the commune have opportunities to go to school, of whom many gain good academic results. He himself has also donated money and kinds to the local learning encouragement mess hall and Tam Nong district’s health center. His bright example deserves high appreciation and should be widely replicated,” said Le Thanh Hung, Chairman of the Association for Education Promotion and Historical Science in Tam Nong district.

Translated by Yen Hong - Khanh Ly