Nearly 9,000 activities to support over 136,000 vulnerable adolescents and kids and the lonely elderly, worth some 97 billion VND (3.81 million USD), were carried out in the month, attracting more than 210,000 members.

Various activities are carried out by the Youth Union organizations at all levels during the Youth Month. 

Over 94,000 youth-initiated works valued more than 400 billion VND were constructed across the nation during the month.

The youths also joined hands to organize nearly 1,700 voluntary blood donation drives which collected over 201,000 units of blood, while arranging over 3,700 career orientation and admissions counselling activities for secondary- and high-school students and those of centers for vocational training and continuing education.

The youth unions at all levels paid due attention to supporting Vietnamese youths’ startups, with more than 8,800 activities carried out for nearly 51,000 members, and focused on assisting ethnic minority groups.

On the occasion, the committee presented certificates of merit to 22 youth unions, five organizations and 14 individuals with standout achievements during the Youth Month.

2024 marks the 20th anniversary of the designation of March as the Youth Month. Over the past years, more than 100 million youth union members have participated in activities, collectively spearheading nearly 700,000 projects and initiatives across the country. Their efforts have helped improve the lives of millions.

Source: VNA