In Hanoi, young people disseminated information about the COVID-19 disease at markets, delivered free medical masks and hand disinfection bottles to people. Various local youth union chapters established quick-response teams and cooperated with other forces to provide food and other necessities to suspected COVID-19 cases under isolation.

Meanwhile, Ha Tinh provincial youth union chapter directed voluntary youths to make facemasks to present to local people and requested its members to avoid gatherings to avoid being subjected to the disease. It also urged the youth to not share or provide incorrect information about COVID-19. Moreover, the members should have sound awareness of the disease, apply anti-COVID-19 measures, fill out health declaration forms, wear facemasks, do hand-washing regularly, and use mouthwash to prevent COVID-19 infection.

Youth union members in Ha Giang province in collaboration with local traffic police delivered facemasks and information on COVID-19 prevention and control for local people. Local quick-respond youth teams also went to every household, public places, markets, and other crowded places to introduce COVID-19 preventive measures.

Apart from anti-COVID-19 activities, youth union organizations in cities and provinces actively conducted welfare and gratitude activities, such as building houses for policy beneficiaries, constructing rural roads, and visiting on-duty border guards at border check stations. They also raised public awareness on environmental protection and climate change response, and brought clean water for people in drought conditions and saltwater intrusion-hit areas.

The meaningful above-mentioned activities were under the ongoing 2020 Youth Month program that was launched nationwide.

Translated by Mai Huong