The event, co-organized by the HCYU Central Committee and the VYF, aims to evaluate the effectiveness of policy recommendations from the second forum in promoting successful start-up models, identify the difficulties of the economy in the post-COVID-19 period and the negative impacts of the pandemic on these activities, especially innovative start-ups in Vietnam.

An overview of the forum

Since the first Youth Start-up Forum in 2018, the program has created a space for discussion and experience sharing among leaders of the Government, ministries, and sectors, experts, and start-up youths, contributing to promoting the start-up movement.

Under the theme “The start-up youths recover and develop with the country after the pandemic,” the event will create an opportunity for Vietnamese youths to raise awareness and motivate them to participate in the country's post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

Within the framework of the forum, there were also a number of activities such as giving support from the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association’s Central Committee to excellent youth start-up projects, the signing ceremony of the cooperation program between the HCYU Central Committee and the Ministry of Planning and Investment.

Translated by Song Anh