The contest is part of the project, "Mitigating Ocean Plastic Waste in Vietnam" launched by the MONRE's Vietnam Agency of Seas and Islands (VASI) and sponsored by the WWF.

Vietnam Agency of Seas and Islands Director Nguyen Duc Toan hands over the first prize to winning group.

After two months, the competition received 50 initiatives from authors in various ages and of different social strata from all over the country.

The organizing committee awarded one first, two second and three third prizes. The first prize was given to the initiative “Organization of creative communication activities to improve students' awareness of the danger of plastic waste, promoting green consumption and reducing plastic pollution,” from the group Green School of the Quang Phu Secondary School in the Central province of Quang Binh.

Addressing the awards ceremony, Nguyen Duc Toan, VASI Director and director of the project, highlighted that the contest raised awareness actions for green consumption in order to reduce plastic pollution, contributing to the protection of the environment and creating a sustainable future.

It also encouraged and honored ideas, innovations and actions that help reduce plastic pollution, he continued.

Creative ideas and innovative models on green and smart consumption have played a crucial role in reducing disposable plastic products, encouraging reuse, recycling and exploring environmental friendly solutions, Toan said.

The official noted that a report on the situation of plastic waste in 2022 compiled by the MONRE showed the total volume of plastic waste was 2.9 million tons, with a growth rate of approximately 5% per year.

Source: VNA