The heavy rainfall and whirlwinds occurred after several extremely hot days in Huong Khe district in Ha Tinh province.

The whirlwinds downed trees along streets. (Photo:

The heavy rainfall along with strong whirlwinds occurred at about 3.30pm, blowing off the roofs of 70 houses in Phu Huong 2, Tan Phu and Truong Son hamlets, said Trinh Xuan Thang, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Huong Xuan commune.

The whirlwinds downed trees along streets and many orchards, while rice drying in yards was also damaged by the severe weather, he said.

Ky Son and Que Phong districts in Nghe An province also suffered from hail and whirlwinds around the same time.

The whirlwind blew off the roofs of many houses and damaged crops in the communes of Pha Danh, Huoi Tu and Ta Ca. Whirlwinds and heavy rain also downed trees in Que Phong district.

Fortunately, no casualties were reported.

The northern and central provinces are expected to see heavy rains and whirlwinds for the next several days, according to weather forecasts.

Source: VNA