Earlier the same day, Vietnam MRCC received a request for rescue from Panama’s cargo ship Berge Daisen, which was en route from Japan to Singapore. According to the cargo ship’s crew-members, Filipino crewman Jamandron Mafred Tagle, born in 1986, had a crush injury on his right hand while working on the ship which was 123 nautical miles southeast of Nha Trang. The accident caused Jamandron Mafred Tagle’s right hand to bleed a lot.

Ship SAR 272 bringing the distressed fisherman ashore 

Having received the information, Vietnam MRCC sent ship SAR 272, which was operating in Nha Trang city, to take a medical team to conduct the mission. On reaching the port, the patient was immediately taken to a medical establishment for treatment.

The distressed fisherman is taken to a medical establishment for treatment.

Reportedly, in the past one month, Vietnam MRCC has conducted three rescues, successfully bringing four crew-members of foreign ships with different nationalities ashore for timely treatment.

Translated by Tran Hoai