Health workers take care of COVID-19 patient. Photo: MOH

She died of malignant myeloma, diabetes, sepsis, and COVID-19, he said.

The woman was taken to Da Nang Hospital on August 3 and quarantined, as she was suspected of carrying SARS-CoV-2.

She first tested positive at the hospital on August 4.

She was pronounced dead late in the afternoon on August 5 after doctors failed to resuscitate her.

The Da Nang Center for Disease Prevention and Control confirmed her positive result on the morning of August 6.

Earlier on the same day, another 67-year-old woman in Quang Nam province, which borders Da Nang, was confirmed as the ninth fatality in Vietnam.

All fatalities in the country so far have either been residents of Da Nang or Quang Nam and had suffered from serious chronic diseases such as cancer, renal failure, and diabetes prior to becoming infected.

Source: VNA