Addressing the event, the university’s rector Professor Jean-Marc Lavest emphasized the importance of the hub, saying that it was an important step forward in the school’s strategy to promote innovation and start-up right at the school.

At the debut of the USTH Innovation Hub

He hoped that the hub will become a catalyst for the development of new technologies and scientific products, improving research quality and furthering application of these products to reality.

The rector said that the UIH is for not only its staff and students, but also businesses and those for other universities. The hub aims to become a place to attract leading talented people who are keen on innovation.

Acting as a favorable environment for its personnel to develop practically-valued products or services, the hub will open training courses, organize workshops and other related events to provide knowledge and skills for innovation and start-up process. It will connect innovators, businesses and financial institutions, opening cooperation and investment opportunities for participants.

The opening of this hub is to build a strong innovative community at USTH.

Translated by Chung Anh