In his remarks, NIC Director Vu Quoc Huy revealed that the USAID supported NIC in implementing the program during 2021-2023, aiming to train and further enhance the quality of Vietnam's human resources serving the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

NIC Director Vu Quoc Huy speaks at the event.

Over the three years, the initiative targeted strengthening basic digital skills as well as developing the market for digital skills training and innovative financial solutions for education. The NIC collaborated with numerous public and private partners to organize various training sessions, conferences, and in-depth seminars to address issues related to the development of high-quality human resources in key areas such as AI, cloud computing, product development, and smart factories.

He noted that these activities successfully engaged many partners with a high level of outreach and were evaluated as effective. They also had a positive impact on the beneficiaries in reaching rural areas and vulnerable groups like laborers. The project also expanded connections with partners and networks, particularly innovation and startup centers, universities and colleges, which are hubs of intellectual resources.

Douglas Balko, head of USAID Vietnam’s office for state governance and economic growth, said integration is a focal point in the work of USAID, and through this partnership with NIC, WISE has supported partners in expanding access to innovation and digital skills training, narrowing the gender and urban-rural gap, and enhancing the country's digital workforce.

The achievements of the program will serve as a foundation for further progress and innovation, he said, adding that the initiatives and partnerships USAID has fostered will continue to develop strongly, creating a sustainable ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship in Vietnam.

Source: VNA