The patients brought to Da Nang's hospital for further treatment
Fisherman Le Thanh Chin, 56, had a bad ache in the right pelvic area and a high fever while working on a fishing boat numbered QNa 90118TS in the Southeast of Hoang Sa archipelago, about 310 nautical miles off Da Nang.

The other sick fisherman was Huynh Van Anh, 39, who suffered severe pain on the back and around the navel and a high fever while fishing on boat number QNa 90839TS near Bom Bay island (of Hoang Sa archipelago), about 300 nautical miles off Da Nang.

After receiving the information, the center coordinated with the Da Nang Medical Emergency Center on radio to provide medical advice to patients and sent ship SAR 412 and doctors from the emergency center to the scene.

At 0:17 on March 21, the ship approached the fishing boats. The doctors gave the patients first aid, and at 14:30 the same day the two sick fishermen were safely taken ashore for further treatment.

Translated by Thuy Duong