Earlier, at 10:30 on December 21, the center was notified of captain Dong Van Ban on trawler QNg 98419 TS suffering from a stomachache and a high temperature while the trawler was fishing 350 nautical miles off Da Nang.

Captain Dong Van Ban taken ashore safely

Immediately, the center sent ship SAR 412 with doctors from Da Nang Emergency Center 115 for a rescue mission.

At 02:20 on December 22, the ship approached the trawler.

Receiving first aid from the doctors on time, the fisherman became better. He was then taken to the local general hospital for further treatment.

Meanwhile, at 09:00 on December 21, ship SAR 27-01 from Vietnam MRCC took an Indonesian mechanic on board vessel NICOS L flying the Greek flag to Nha Trang port, Khanh Hoa province for an emergency treatment at a hospital in the city.

The mechanic Syaiful Chandra, born in 1968, was in a coma when the vessel was on a voyage from Brazil to China.

When ship SAR 27-01 headed to the vessel, the Vietnam MRCC instructed those on the vessel to give first aid to the troubled mechanic.

Translated by Song Anh