Dr. Kumitaa Theva Das at Universiti Sains Malaysia said what set Malaysia apart from other countries currently facing the new wave of COVID-19 infections were high vaccination and booster rates.

According to her, the vaccination and booster rates in Malaysia are one of the highest in the world, so it provides a certain amount of protection, at least against severity against re-infections.

Malaysian people in Selangor receive COVID-19 vaccine shot.

Malaysia also retain its indoor mask-wearing mandate and people are still wearing them outdoors, which are effective in keeping people safe, she said.

Earlier, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin cautioned Malaysians to brace for a possible new COVID-19 wave in the next few months.

He said that the new wave of infection could happen based on the virus epidemiology development in other countries.

Kumitaa advised Malaysians to continue maintaining good health practices including frequent washing of hands, avoiding large gatherings, ensuring a covered place is well-ventilated and wearing face masks at all times.

She said the overall trend of decrease in cases had also created a false sense of security, which could be detrimental, and urged people not to let their guard down.

She also recommended that getting tested as soon as possible is still one of the best measures against COVID-19.

Besides, Kumitaa said the European Centre of Disease and Control (ECDC) recently assessed that a second mRNA COVID-19 booster dose was proven to be most beneficial in providing coverage against COVID-19 re-infection to those aged 80 years and above.

Source: VNA