This is the fifth consecutive year that the consulate has held the program, named “Nha sach don Tet” (Clean house to welcome Tet) with the participation of over 4,000 voluntary students from universities across the city.

Accordingly, they will provide families in need with cleaning services. For every working hour, the volunteers receive VND 75,000 from the house owners.

At the launching ceremony

All money proceeded from the work will be used to buy materials and ingredients to make Chung cakes for local needy people. The organization panel targets to make about 2,500 cakes.

At the launching ceremony, the South African Consulate handed over VND 200 million in cash to support three SOS Children's Villages and a program to be organized for child patients at the city’s Oncology Hospital.

Notably, the consulate has committed to taking care of five lonely old people in the city.

On this occasion, the program’s organizers worked with the Ho Chi Minh City Blood Donation Center to hold a blood donation drive.

Translated by Song Anh