The three-year partnership, joining hands with the Government of Vietnam, will focus on enhancing digital and transferable skills for 11,000 secondary school and TVET students in Vietnam in the first year, to allow them to develop to their full potential and support employability. Special attention will be given on the inclusion of girls, including those from ethnic minorities as well as adolescents with disabilities.

The partnership will look to integrate life skills and digital skills firmly into the national secondary school curricula, into workforce readiness programs of Vietnam’s National Institute of Vocational Training; and will undertake in-depth research to better inform and connect the private sector with future talents, especially those of the most vulnerable groups.

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Globally, more than one in five young people today are neither in employment, education nor training. Many more are not learning the skills they need to seek decent employment, as today’s rapidly changing economy demands increasingly specialized skills.

“Where memory was crucial in the past, tomorrow’s workers will instead need problem solving skills, empathy, communication and digital skills. Adolescents are some of the country’s most creative and enthusiastic thinkers. We are excited to work with SAP to harness young people’s energy and ideas and help them contribute to their economy and society,” said UNICEF Representative Rana Flowers.

The collaboration forms part of Generation Unlimited, a global partnership working to prepare young people to become engaged and productive citizens. Launched one year ago, Generation Unlimited convenes multisector public and private investment in education and employment of youth, while engaging young people in these efforts.

“Businesses need to take meaningful steps to upskill the current and future workforce, regardless of their age or where they live in the world. Together with UNICEF, SAP will focus on starting in the classroom where the foundation for every career is built. We will increase collaboration with the public sector and focus on the best possible curriculum to prepare future workers. This is another example where doing what’s right and doing what’s right for business are in perfect harmony,” said SAP Vietnam Managing Director Josephin Galla.

Reported by Song Anh