The events saw the attendance of the Chief of the Culture and Arts Policy Office under the RoK's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Kim Jeong Bae, and the Head of the Secondary Education Department under Vietnam’s Ministry of Education and Training Vu Dinh Chuan, among others.

The project “Thank you small library” was sponsored and carried out by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea through the official development assistance (ODA) fund for education and culture. Accordingly, since 2016, the project has built four libraries in Hanoi, four in Vinh Phuc province, and three in Phu Tho province.


This year, the project continued assisting three secondary schools in Nam Dinh, including Dao Su Tich, Truc Noi and Truc Hung, which house nearly 1,000 students.

The project will provide 6,000 books related to Korean literature and culture to the schools. In addition, these libraries were also equipped with computers, monitors and projectors.

Kim said that the RoK will always stand side by side with the Vietnamese Government to eliminate education inequality and improve the educational environment.

Meanwhile, Chuan held that Nam Dinh is a province that has a traditional fondness of learning in Vietnam. As the locality is facing economic difficulties, the building of such libraries is more meaningful and practical.

The ministry will actively work with the Korean side to successfully implement the project, contributing to promoting the quality of secondary education, which is considered the main educational target of the Vietnamese Government, he concluded.

Translated by Khanh Ngan