Launched on July 6 under the direction of the Standing Board of the Quang Tri Provincial Youth Union Organization, the movement included four small campaigns entitled “Green Operation”, “Pink Vacation”, “Red Flamboyant”, and “Green Summer.”

During the movement, the organizers presented 20 gifts, worth VND 250,000 each, to policy beneficiary families and students with adversity in life; handed over a 2km-long road under youth’s project named “Lights for rural roads”, one computer set, a panel system disseminating information about building new-style rural areas; built two exemplary flower roads, four exemplary gardens, a 520m concrete village road, and three toilets for needy households; decorated the communal war cemetery; and called for support from Bim Son cement company to erect various social and cultural establishments in the commune.

At the event

The movement was conducted in the buildup to the 20th anniversary of the Summer Voluntary Campaign (1999-2019) and in celebration of the fifth Congress of the Vietnam Youth Federation for the 2019-2024 period.

Earlier, from June 25 to 30, a mission including doctors, nurses, and volunteers from the provincial young physicians’ association provided free medicines, rice, salt, study tool kits, and other necessities to some 3,000 poor people in Thapangthong district, Lao province of Savannakhet.

The program has helped boost the friendship and cooperation between youths of the two countries in general and youth union organizations of the provinces of Quang Tri and Savannakhet in particular.

Translated by Mai Huong