Quang Tri is one of the localities in Vietnam that has suffered the most serious consequences of UXO. With great efforts of Vietnam with the military as the core force in clearing UXO in the country and effective support from non-governmental organizations (NGO), Quang Tri has additional 1000 ha free from UXO every year for its socio-economic development.

At the seminar, delegates, including representatives of NGOs, the Mine Action Plan and local authorities discussed criteria for UXO clearing, shared information about UXO clearance and types of UXO, committed more efforts and investment to UXO clearance in Quang Tri in particular and in Vietnam as a whole, drew plans to clear UXO in couple with local socio-economic development, provided more aid to victims of UXO, and promoted public education about UXO prevention.

Deputy Chairman of the Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Nam addresses the seminar

Concluding the seminar, Deputy Chairman of the Quang Tri Provincial People’s Committee Hoang Nam highly appreciated the support of NGOs, the effectiveness of the Mine Action Plan, and the amount of land free from UXO that has been handed over to the province by military units over the past time. 

To promote the effectiveness of the UXO clearance in the province from now to 2025, the official also asked the steering committee of the Mine Action Plan to coordinate closely with the local authorities in line with the coordination regulations on UXO clearing, and NGOs to render more support for UXO victims, public education about UXO prevention and military units in charge of clearing UXO in the locality.

He also reiterated the commitments  of NGOs to UXO clearance in the locality toward 2025, good measures to boost the effectiveness of UXO clearance and high priorities given by the local authorities for UXO clearance.

Translated by Thu Nguyen