Nguyen Trong Vu Binh, a representative from the Save the Children International in Vietnam, said that the project's goal is to accompany Ho Chi Minh City in gradually improving gender capacity and gender equality issues for municipal agencies, units, and social organizations in the process of implementing support programs and in the field of child and adolescent protection, thus helping children develop physically, intellectually and spiritually.

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Mai Thi Ngoc Mai, President of the Ho Chi Minh City Association for Protection of Child Rights, said that the project helps build and complete communication documents to support the raising of public awareness of gender and gender equality issues; and holds training for non-public social assistance organizations, and organizations, agencies and units of the child protection system.

Surveys will be conducted to collect opinions from children and adolescents to assess their awareness of gender and gender equality issues in the supply of support services, along with seminars related to domestic violence prevention and control for those directly affected.

The project also aims to promote the right to participation of children and adolescents on the basis of ensuring gender equality issues, and provide training for children and adolescents on gender-related knowledge and gender equality issues in accordance with the Children's Law, and the National Strategy on Gender Equality.

Source: VNA