At the session, the President underlined the most important targets of protecting the people’s health and safety and minimizing death toll.

State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc speaks at the working session.

It is crucial to mobilize all resources to complete these goals, while continuing to apply the Prime Minister’s Directives No.15 and 16 to curb the pandemic, he said.

He asked the city to withdraw lessons from the current implementation of Directive No.16 for better performance in the work, settling the situation in which a large number of local residents still travel in the streets despite the COVID-19 prevention and control measures.

He stressed that social distancing must be implemented in parallel with ensuring living conditions for people so as to enable them to strictly follow and implement pandemic control measures.

He clarified that the State and the Vietnam Fatherland Front as well as organizations and the political system at the grass-roots level and charity organizations must join hands together in the work. Meanwhile, HCM City should be more active in issuing travel cards to those who transport and deliver goods and medical supplies.

The State President stressed efforts to focus COVID-19 treatment and reduce the number of infections at the same time, thus minimizing death toll. Social distancing measures must be put in top priority in efforts to reduce the number of new COVID-19 cases, he stated.

Holding that the current outbreak in HCM City may peak in the next days, he requested the city to continue to strictly comply with Directive No.16, while speeding up the vaccination scheme.

At the session, President Phuc said that donors inside and outside the country have donated 103 billion VND (4.49 million USD) and 10 ventilators to support HCM City, along with a large number of medical supplies.

Source: VNA