The event, jointly organized by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's Central Committee, the Central Council of the Ho Chi Minh Vanguard Children's Union and the provincial People's Committee, drew 263 delegates representing 1,000 outstanding children who showed good deeds in 2023.

President Vo Van Thuong and outstanding children in the "A Thousand of Good Deeds" movement at the event

In the six peak weeks of the movement, 66,484 activities were held nationwide, with 27,931 individuals and 4,208 collectives honored.

So far, the mobile app "Em lam viec tot" (We do good things) has drawn 1.5 million children who conducted 36 million good activities.

Congratulated the 1,000 outstanding children in the movement, President Vo Van Thuong said that the movement has offered chances for children to practice and strive to become good citizens of the country.

Along with helping shape children's good personality, the movement has also inspired good deeds among the community, contributing to building and promoting the cultural beauty of Vietnamese people, he said.

He asked the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Ho Chi Minh Vanguard Children's Union to continue strengthening the movement with reformed and more effective methods, encouraging children to do good things and become good citizens.

The President also asked organisations, the Ministry of Education and Training and parents to continue to pay great attention to protecting and educating children, giving them the best conditions to play, practice and optimize their talent.

Presenting gifts to the outstanding children, the State leader expressed his hope that they will promote the national tradition and show stronger performance in all fields.

Earlier the same day, President Vo Van Thuong and his entourage offered incense to the Kings of the Ly Dynasty at Do Temple, a special national historical relic site in Tu Son city.

Source: VNA