Xo said that under the order, motels, hotels and accommodation facilities across the country will be examined, while the border guards will increase border patrol, and the police will seek illegal immigrants and launch legal proceedings against them and brokers of illegal immigration.

Patrol to be fostered to prevent illegal immigrants (Photo for illustration: qdnd.vn)

Illegal immigrants who are negative to COVID-19 will be returned to the places they departed, while accommodation facilities violating relevant regulations will have their licenses revoked and receive administrative fines and even criminal punishments, he said.

According to the officer, since the beginning of the year, about 150,000 people have entered Vietnam, including 110,000 through land border gates, and 40,000 through flights.

Meanwhile, 39 localities nationwide have reported 199 cases with 1,343 illegal Chinese immigrants. The Ministry of Public Security prosecuted 49 cases with 141 defendants.

“It is crucial to drastically prevent illegal immigrants, as illegally entering Vietnam is violating the country’s sovereignty, causing high risks of pandemic outbreaks and affecting the livelihoods of Vietnamese people,” he stressed.

The officer added that the major method of organizing illegal entry into Vietnam is contacting those wishing to enter Vietnam through the Internet before transporting them to the country.

As Vietnam shares a long border with neighboring countries, it is easy to cross the land border, he said, adding that through the general examination campaign, localities will report to the ministry major methods of brokering illegal entry into Vietnam, thus put forth effective prevention and combat measures.

Source: VNA