The patients are Bui Bao N., aged 6, from Thai Nguyen province and Hoang Minh S., aged 15, from Ha Nam province.

Weighing only 13.5kg, Bui Bao N. is the child patient with the least weight suffering from an end-stage kidney failure that the hospital has successfully conducted a kidney transplant.

Doctors take out a kidney from the living donor.

According to Doctor Nguyen Thu Huong, Head of the Nephrology Department of the hospital, N. was found having a kidney disease when he was only ten months old. Though he has been injected with growth hormone, he is just 13.5 kg in weight and 100cm tall.

Huong added that, on August 28, patient N. had signs of hyperkalemia and low glomerular filtration rate. He was diagnosed with an end-stage renal disease and needed a kidney transplant. After a number of tests, doctors found out that his mother was a good kidney donor.

On September 15, the hospital’s doctors performed a kidney transplant on the child patient. During the transplant, the surgical team was divided into two groups: taking out a kidney from the living donor and then transplanting it into the recipient at the soonest time.

During the surgery, as Head of the hospital’s Urology Department Le Anh Dung said, doctors had to implement a difficult technique of placing the kidney in the patient’s abdomen, instead of putting it in the pelvis as normal because the patient’s pelvis is too small and his weight and height are lower than the standards.

Four days after the transplant, the patient was in a good health condition and his kidneys operated normally. He was discharged from the hospital on September 26.

Earlier, on August 26, patient Hoang Minh S. was also saved after a successful kidney transplant. The patient suffered from bladder necrosis from birth. In 2017, he suffered from the final stage of the renal disease and had to undergo hemodialysis to maintain life. Patient S. is also in a good health condition now.

So far, the National Hospital of Pediatrics has performed 33 kidney transplants, bringing life back to more patients with end-stage kidney failure.

Translated by Mai Huong