Vinh made the pledge at a reception on August 25 for delegations of children with visual impairment from 34 localities who are attending the first forum for children with this disability in Hanoi from August 24-26.

The N.A. official affirmed that the legislature pays special to children when performing its law-building function. He added that existing laws have not covered all aspects related to children and his committee will continue to gather opinions to further supplement and adjust those laws. 

Vinh praised the strong will to overcome their disability of the children with visual impairment, and urged them to continue to strive for a better life with the support of the entire society.

Delegates in a group photo

Representatives from the Vietnam Blind Association said the association considers providing support for children with visual impairment an important task. They said thanks to the care of administrations at all levels and the community, many visually-impaired children have gained access to learning and integrated into the community.

However, the children still face many obstacles in study and life, including shortcomings in legal documents such as age limitation in schooling, and a lack of measures to ensure the enforcement of laws on their rights.

The association urged the N.A. to revise and supplement laws as well as intensify supervision of law enforcement to ensure the rights of children with disabilities in general and those with vision impairment in particular.

The children delegates expressed their wish for more braille books and newspapers for children as well as entertainment facilities suitable for them.

Source: VNA