Such solutions form part of a recently-issued action plan, under which the ministry also prepared resources to support laborers in case of risks amid the pandemic.

Needy workers receiving gifts (Photo for illustration)

The MoLISA will continue with the policy on poverty reduction, and effectively implement the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction, with priorities given to poor households in ethnic minority-inhabited areas.

Notably, vulnerable groups will receive both regular and unscheduled assistance, according to the plan.

The ministry said operating the labor market effectively in line with the country’s economic recovery and development is one of the major tasks, with attention paid to the application of information technology and digital transformation to enhance the labor supply-demand connectivity.

To recover the labor market and improve personnel quality, the ministry will pay more heed to vocational training and develop skilled workforce.

The action plan was adopted after the Government issued Resolution No.01/NQ-CP on tasks and solutions to implement the plan on socio-economic development and state budget estimate for 2022.

Source: VNA