Photo for illustration (vietbao)

PANO – The health of people in Bom Bo commue, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province has been improved much thanks to continuous care taken by military doctors and soldiers under Unit 719, Corps 16 at Military and Civil Clinic.

Bom Bo commune is home to people of S’Ting, the Viet and some other ethnic minority groups.

Military medical workers often go to villages and hamlets, give health check-ups and medicines and encourage local people to adopt the habits of eating cooked food, drinking boiled water and sleep in mosquito-nets.

Today, the number of people infected with malaria has sharply gone down, while more than 50% of the locals suffered from malaria in the past.

With the love for the military doctors, people in Bom Bo call them “Bom Bo’s people’s doctors”.

Translated by Mai Huong