Barriers were lifted at Da Nang Hospital C, where the first COVID-19 patient in Da Nang's outbreak was confirmed, at the stroke of midnight on August 8, but only to emergency cases and seriously ill patients who had been treated there in the past. 

Doctors and nurses walk through entrance of Hospital C in Da Nang after lockdown was lifted.

Director of the hospital, Dr Nguyen Trong Thien said they are ready to provide treatment, but strict safety measures will be applied for all patients and staff.

He said more than 1,000 people who were locked down at the hospital over the past two weeks had all tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 twice.

Also 365 medical staff and 300 heath workers outside the hospital have also tested negative twice.

Two other hospitals in the city – the General Hospital and the hospital for Rehabilitations and Orthopedics – have also been locked down and streets around the buildings closed.

Only ambulances are allowed carrying emergency and critical cases to the hospital after the lockdown was eased at site.

The city would reopen the General Hospital soon after cleaning activities are completed. Hoan My Private Hospital and Hai Chau health center would be sterilized before they too reopen.

Source: VNA