Aeiraa has experience in recruiting and sending Indians around the world to study, especially medicine.

Hong Bang will train the students entirely in English based on the standard national medical training program with changes made to meet global standards.

Hong Bang International University signs a strategic co-operation deal with India’s Aieraa Overseas Studies to train Indian and other Asian students in medicine starting in 2021-2022 at a ceremony held online on July 1.

Besides theoretical and clinical knowledge, the international students will also learn Vietnamese language and culture. They will be trained at large and prestigious hospitals in the university’s associated network to hone their skills.

The course will be for six years.

At the online signing ceremony, Do Manh Cuong, Chairman of the Hong Bang International University Council, told Aieraa, “Doctors and medical professionals who graduated from HIU are currently working in most hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces of Vietnam. With adequate and modern facilities, along with a team of qualified, experienced and humane professors, we will not disappoint your trust in us.”

Deepa, Director of Aieraa Overseas Studies, said, “I hope not only Indian students, but more and more students from the region will come to HCM City to study, not only professionally but also participate in community activities and learn about its culture.”

Source: VNA