The street, 450m long and 35m wide, stretches from a roundabout at the intersection of Hoa Binh Square to the point adjacent to Quynh Lam Ward’s QH8 Street in Hoa Binh city. The naming of the street to mark the 90th anniversary of the world recognition of Hoabinhian (1932-2022) and to honor the female scientist.

A statue of Madeleine Colani placed at the beginning of the street bearing her name in Hoa Binh city

Addressing the street-naming ceremony on November 22, Chairman of People’s Committee of the city Bui Quang Diep said the event aimed at popularizing and honoring Colani’s contribution and the stone-age culture’s unique archaeological and cultural values.

Such honor will contribute to arousing patriotism in the local ethnic groups and educating the younger generation on traditions, he stated.

A statue of the archaeologist was also inaugurated on the occasion.

The Hoabinhian Culture lasted from about 13,000 to 5,000 or 4,000 BCE. It provides archaeologists, scientists, and anthropologists with scientific data on the biological shaping process of modern humans, regarding livelihood and social organization.

Source: VNA