Nearly 1.6 million water meters have been installed in the city so far.

With a goal of bringing clean water to every household, the Saigon Water Corporation (Sawaco) is making a new effort to bring water to the farthest place in the city - Can Gio district.

Workers from the Can Gio Clean Water Supply Company install smart water meters in Tam Thon Hiep commune, Can Gio district. (Photo:

As a remote district, Can Gio district has limited traffic, a large area, low population density and many rivers and canals.

Sawaco and local authorities have been trying to gradually complete the water network and modernize clean water supply technology in recent years.

In April last year, the unit finished taking water to more than 1,600 households in Ly Nhon commune.

Last month, the Can Gio Water Supply Enterprise installed about 300 water meters in Tam Thon Hiep commune, increasing the number of newly installed meters in the commune to 400.

The work helped increase water pressure for most households, which are using tap water from small water businesses.

The Can Gio Water Supply Enterprise said that clean water projects Sawaco has invested into Can Gio district have contributed significantly to local socio-economic development and tourism.

Clean tap water improves people's life, especially during stormy seasons, and ensures social security.

In addition, the projects have helped the city save more than 50 billion VND (1.9 million USD) per year by reducing the need for the city to transport clean water by waterway, as it used to do.

Three out of the seven communes in Can Gio district - Tam Thon Hiep, An Thoi Dong and Ly Nhon - now have a clean water system.

The system also serves some parts of the remaining communes.

Sawaco leaders said that the corporation plans to further extend the clean water system in Can Gio district next year.

Under the plan, the top priority task is to build additional pipes across the Soai Rap and Tac Song Cha rivers, and build more tanks at pumping stations to expand capacity.

As of last month, Sawaco had provided clean water to 110,430 households in Hoc Mon district in northern city.

The corporation is implementing 14 projects for a water supply road-map in the district over the next year, with a total investment of about 1.2 billion VND (47,200 USD).

To date, Sawaco has carried out four projects that are 70% finished. The corporation expects to complete them by the end of this month.

The remaining projects will be completed by the end of this year.

A spokesperson from the Saigon Groundwater One Member Co., Ltd., which supplies water for Hoc Mon district, said that the company worked with local authorities to install water meters quickly and ensure legitimate needs are met for the people.

Source: VNA