At the meeting, the Chairwoman and CEO of France Médias Monde, and Director of France 24 also introduced the media corporation, its France 24 channel and its English broadcast in Vietnam to local audiences.

Marie-Christine Saragosse (R), Chairwoman and CEO of France Médias Monde briefs local audiences on France 24

To prepare for its official broadcast in English in Vietnam, France 24 had already signed new distribution agreements with 5 local operators, namely VTVCab, Viettel, HTV-TMS, Clip TV and K+, to broadcast news programs of France 24 in English across the country.

In fact, France 24 was licensed in November 2016 by the local authorities, and its programs have been on offer by FPT Telecom and VNPT Media Corporation since then. But with these recent agreements, the channel will officially broadcast its news programs in English on the local paid T.V networks and reach millions of Vietnamese viewers.

According to the Director of France 24, from its newsroom in Paris, France 24 gives a different perspective to international affairs across the world. With 35 nationalities working in the newsroom and 160 correspondent bureaus all over the world, the expression of diversity, confrontation of viewpoints and debate are central to the channel’s programs.

Broadcast 24/7 in the four languages of English, French, Arabic and Spanish, the channel delivers comprehensive international news bulletins every half hour, with analytical commentary offering viewers the context to help them better understand international developments as seen from different angles and viewpoints.

Presentation of a France 24 program on Vietnam

Earlier on the afternoon of May 22, Ms. Marie-Christine Saragosse visited and had a meeting with Vietnamese Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan. The host warmly welcomed Ms.  Saragosse and her entourage, and congratulated Franc 24 on its first news broadcast in English on Vietnam’s paid T.V networks.

Minister Tuan also introduced the Vietnamese media system as well as Vietnam’s potential for media development to the guests.

For her part, the Chairwoman and CEO of France Médias Monde thanked Minister Tuan for his warm reception, and expressed her wish to broadcast a news program in French in Vietnam in the future. She also vowed to expand cooperation with Vietnam by offering training to the press and media reporters as well as to promote Vietnam’s image to the world.

Reported by Thu Nguyen-Lam Anh