The model was released on July 6, featuring the mid-tier Snapdragon 765 chipset, making it an upper mid-range device. Therefore, VinSmart has become the first Vietnamese company to successfully produce a smartphone that supports 5G technology.

The Vsmart Aris 5G uses Sub-6 GHz frequencies and provides better coverage but lower speeds than mmWave. Nguyen Phi Tuyen, Director of Metrology at the Vietnam Telecommunications Authority said 5G speeds on the Vsmart phone using the Sub-6 frequencies are eight times higher than 4G speeds. The speeds will be further improved in the future when Vinsmart employs mmWave bands.

The first Vietnamese-made 5G smartphones 

The device also features the Quantis QRNG security chip, developed by the Swiss company IDQ, uses quantum technology to provide better security for data stored on the phone, especially personal financial and health-related data.

According to Deputy General Director of Vinsmart Tran Minh Trung, the company has defined its 5G project in the hope that Vietnamese consumers will get early access to the most advanced technologies in the world.

The company plans to release new phones that support both Sub-6 and mmWave frequencies in the time to come.

Translated by Chung Anh