The simulated situation was that while moving I-131 radioactive material by cart to a vehicle to be transported to a hospital, a staff of the Da Lat Nuclear Research Institute detected a fire in the corridor.

Forces handling a nuclear incident

In the panic atmosphere, the institute’s staff accidentally dispersed radiopharmaceuticals into the environment. At this time, two employees were injured and at risk of radiation exposure. If the situation was not handled immediately, it would become more serious.

Immediately, an order to stop the operation of the nuclear reactor at the institute and plenum system and switch off electrical circuits was issued. Forces were promptly mobilized to extinguish the fire.  

Extinguishing a fire

After the incident, the head of Lam Dong’s steering committee for radiation and nuclear accident response declared a state of emergency and mobilized response forces from the provincial Science and Technology Department, police, and militiamen to respond to the incident.

After one hour of close and harmonious coordination among forces, the incident was successfully handled while ensuring absolute safety of personnel. The radio-active source was collected and moved back to the institute.

According to the Lam Dong provincial People’s Committee, the exercise aimed to raise officials and locals’ awareness of and responsibility in responding to radiation and nuclear accidents and their skills of using equipment.

Translated by Tran Hoai