The contest aims to enhance the community's understanding of the importance of the conservation of endangered, precious and rare aquatic species.

At the launch of the contest

Tran Dinh Luan, DoF’s director general, said that Vietnam has a high biodiversity, rich aquatic resources, and many important marine ecosystems distributed along the length of the coast and around the islands. However, the fast population growth, increasing demand for economic development, over-exploitation of aquatic resources and tourism activities at the sea have caused negative impacts on marine ecosystems and a decline in aquatic resources, he said.

Luan said the contest is expected to popularize messages and actions on the protection of aquatic resources as well as seek initiatives to preserve the resources at localities.

According to the contest’s organization board, entries should focus on daily activities in marine protected areas, Do's and Don'ts in marine protected areas, as well as ideas and solutions to build sustainable marine protected areas and activities to protect and regenerate endangered, precious and rare aquatic species.

The contest is open to Vietnamese citizens of all ages at home and abroad. Participants should submit their entries from November 9 until December 9 and the results are expected to be announced on December 26 this year.

The entries can be submitted directly or by post to Nong Nghiep Vietnam (Vietnam Agriculture) newspaper at No.14 Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Source: VNA