He made the statement at a recent meeting to review the ministry’s performance over the past six months and roll out work for the last months of this year.

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The number of organizations and units at ministries and ministry-level as well as at provincial level has also been reduced at the same time, Minh said.

Regarding the streamlining the government payroll to increase efficiency,  the number of employees at administrative units at ministries, agencies and localities have been reduced by 8.7 per cent compared to 2015’s figure while those at public agencies fell by 7.6 per cent compared to 2015.

The MoHA has coordinated with the National Assembly's Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children to submit the amended Youth Law to the NA for approval. It has been finalizing the amended Law on Emulation and Reward and prepared documents for the building of a Law on the implementation of Democracy at grassroots-level.

The ministry also set up an overall program of State administrative reform in 2021-2030 and published the results of Public Administrative Reform Index (PAR) of ministries, ministerial-level agencies and centrally-run cities and provinces in 2019 and satisfaction index of public administrative service in 2019.

Minh said the MoHA would focus on improving the institutional structure of ministry, ministerial-level agencies and specialized agencies under the provincial and district's People’s Committee. The ministry would finalise the working position-based system in government apparatus with a view to streamlining the payroll and reforming wage policy.

The MoHA would implement a national project on attracting talented persons and review a number of policies for cadres, civil servants and public employees in the direction of encouraging them to improve their professional skills and better fulfilling their duties.

Source: VNA