Outstanding individuals honored at the event

The event consisted of a ceremony to mark Cho Ray Hospital’s three decades offering kidney transplants and a seminar on the surgery.

In his remarks, Nguyen Tri Thuc, director of the hospital, said Cho Ray is also a pioneer in implementing measures to expand the source of donor kidneys, including those from brain-dead donors (since 2008), cardiac arrest donors (since 2015), and ABO-incompatible living-donors (since 2021).

The hospital has also cooperated with transplant centers in the Republic of Korea, Japan, Taiwan (China), Australia, the U.S., and Spain, among others, to send doctors and nurses in study and experience exchange programs, he added.

Deputy Minister of Health Tran Van Thuan said up to 62,555 people registered to donate organs in 2022, compared to just 265 in 2014; and Cho Ray Hospital posted about half of the total registrations.

The operation, which is becoming a routine technique at many hospitals across the country, especially Cho Ray, has contributed to reviving many of those patients with organ failure, he affirmed.

Source: VNA