Luu Hoang Ly, Director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said that since mid-2021, there has been no local fishing vessel violating foreign waters.

Bac Lieu striving to remove E.C. “yellow card” on fisheries sector (Photo for illustration)

Meanwhile, the installation of vessel monitoring systems (VMS) has contributed to managing fishing boats and prevent IUU fishing activities, he said.

Nguyen Trong Han, Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Hai, home to one half of total fishing vessels in Bac Lieu, said that local authorities have actively popularized fishing regulations, thus improving people’s awareness in the field.

Le Viet Dung, a local fishermen in Gianh Hao township, Dong Hai district, said that thanks to the information provided by local authorities in IUU fishing prevention and control regulations, he and his fellow fishermen have understood the benefits of the removal of the yellow card to them as well as the country’s seafood export.

Regarding the benefits from VMS installation, Tran Van Thanh, a local of Vinh Thinh commune, Hoa Binh district, said that along with the function in supervising the vessels, the system is also helpful in reporting emergency circumstances.

According to Ly, in the time to come, Bac Lieu will review the outcomes of the implementation of the E.C.’s four recommendations on IUU fishing prevention and combat, while effectively realizing directions from the Government in the field.

The province will coordinate with other relevant forces to organize a working group to inspect IUU fishing activities and the issuance of registration and food safety certificates to fishing vessels.

The department will update local vessel data to the national fisheries database, while making a list of those with high risks of conducting IUU fishing so as to make timely settlement, he said, adding that communications on IUU fishing prevention and combat will continue to be strengthened.

The official underlined that Bac Lieu is determined to completely end local fishing vessels’ violations to foreign waters, and make contributions to the country’s efforts to persuade the E.C. to remove the yellow card on national fisheries sector.

Source: VNA