Delegates pose for a group photo

Activities of the religion in the city posted positive results and followed regulations of the Party and State during the 30-year implementation of an announcement on Caodaism affairs by the Party Central Committee Secretariat, heard the event.

Followers have taken part in emulation campaigns and social and charitable activities, strengthening solidarity.

Prof. Thuong Thu Thanh from the Cao Dai Missionary Church said that over the past years, it has repaired places of worship and called on followers to make contributions to the construction and development of Da Nang.

Highly valuing activities of the Church, Thuc said that it has surmounted difficulties and actively engaged in the COVID-19 fight to ensure social welfare in the locality.

The city’s Hai Chau district is home to three places of worship of Caodaism, with more than 450 followers and about 50 dignitaries.

Founded in the early 1920s in Vietnam, the religion was both deeply influenced by ancient oriental culture and open to Western civilisation.

Source: VNA