Participants at the event watched a documentary featuring a ceremony commemorating Huynh Khuong An at the building No.6, Porte Brancion avenue held by Paris authorities and Châteaubriant-Voves-Rouillé-Aincourt Association in 2014.

At the workshop

Historian Alain Ruscio recalled revolutionary life of Huynh Khuong An, a member of the French Communist Party (FCP) who fought against the Nazis and sacrificed his life for the liberation of France and world peace.

Huynh Khuong An was born on April 7, 1912 in Saigon. He came to France at the age of 15 to pursue his studies. He completed a bachelor's degree program in literature in Toulouse before earning his master's degree in Paris. In 1940, he got a job as an assistant professor at Lycee Carnot in Versailles.

During his studies, he engaged in many progressive activities and movements in France and joined the FCP. During the World War II, he worked in secret distributing leaflets for the FCP to call on people to join the resistance war against the Nazis.

An was arrested and sent to Camp Choisel to Chateaubriand in June, 1941 and was executed by the Nazis on October 22, 1941.

In Vietnam, two streets in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau are named after him.

Source: VNA