According to him, with this article, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam presented in detail the pathway towards socialism under specific conditions and characteristics of Vietnam.

Stefan Kühner, President of the Marx-Engels fund and member of the German Communist Party’s Commission for International Affairs

The German official said that during discussions about the questions of what socialism is and what the path to socialism in Vietnam is, General Secretary Trong’s article has received great attention.

Firstly, the Party chief spotlighted difficulties facing Vietnam after the war and its efforts to rise up in the context of the country’s destruction and embargo, as well as its development situation at present.

Secondly, in his article, he pointed out that the building of socialism cannot be carried out dogmatically, and a socialist democracy does not only mean the building of a government through elections, but also requires the strength of the people, by the people and for the people.

Thirdly, the leader clearly explained the connotation of the concept of a “socialist-oriented market economy” in Vietnam, which was discussed many times by the German Communist Party during discussions about Vietnam, Kühner said, adding that the article has contributed to clarifying the issue and is very helpful for assessing the path toward socialism in the Southeast Asian country.

Fourthly, the article sets forward a clear view that the development of production forces plays an important role in building a fair and equal economy, the DKP member stated.

Regarding the role of the Communist Party of Vietnam, Kühner emphasized that this is the factor that determines all victories of the Vietnamese revolution.

He added that at its 23rd Congress in February 2020, the DKP affirmed that increasing cooperation between international communist and workers’ parties was a decisive factor in strengthening the revolutionary movement on a global scale.

Source: VNA