Giesenfeld, who is also a communication scientist and film director, said in the article, Trong described socialism as a theory, a movement and a regime.

The article affirmed that socialism and national independence are a basic and consistent way of the Vietnamese revolution and a key part of President Ho Chi Minh’s Thought.

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong at an event

According to him, Vietnam chose to go on the pathway to socialism, skipping capitalism stage in line with the Political Platform since the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1930.

He also mentioned Vietnam’s renewal process that started in 1986, considering it an important milestone in Vietnam’s post-war history. He added that Trong stressed that Vietnam is in the period of transition to socialism so that many jobs need to be done ahead.

In a socialist-oriented market economy, every economic policy serves social development goal, the article said.

The scholar said Party chief Trong’s arguments gave convincing answers to important questions and offered valuable information about Vietnam’s current economic situation, which once again, highlighted the importance of renewal policy with clear results that Vietnam could be proud of.

He expressed his belief that the article will help Westerners understand such pride via data mentioned in the article. He added that he wants to translate the article into German so that more people could know it.

He is considering the publication of the full text or excerpts of the article in the next issue of Vietnam Kurier magazine, or on the website of the Friendship Group with Vietnam (FG Vietnam).

Giesenfeld, 83, has been Chairman of the FG Vietnam for tens of years. He is now also Editor-in-Chief of Vietnam Kurier, a magazine featuring Vietnam with three issues per year.

Source: VNA